Account Suspensions Due to Spamming


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If you have been notified that your account has been suspended due to a spamming complaint, please contact our Support department by opening a ticket in WebHostech.

In most cases, spam complaints occur when large lists send e-mail and someone complains to an anti-spam organization that they are not registered on the e-mail list. Sometimes, a person may have signed up for a newsletter, but without their knowledge, their email address has been shared with another organization. Other times, someone may have signed up for a newsletter, but forgot to do so, and then report the email sender as spam.

Most complaints to anti-spam organizations are resolved, and the sending IP address is blocked or “blacklisted” until the domain is suspended or removed from the server. Blacklisting it by an anti-spam organization will prevent servers subscribed to that specific anti-spam organization’s blacklist updates from being received or will block all emails sent from that IP address.

At WebHostech, your account uses a shared environment, so anyone sending spam from our servers can trigger a blacklist, which causes email to be blocked for everyone using the server. That’s why we rank the number of emails per minute.The number of messages are limited Therefore, if someone intends to send spam, their list will be processed gradually, reducing the risk of being blacklisted and allowing us to identify spammers and close their accounts. will be allowed. Our system administrators also take proactive steps to identify legitimate emails and allow them to continue.

We recommend you to separate your email service from your website hosting, if your web hosting requires to send large number of emails.

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