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How to Transfer a website to a new web host

The most hectic challenge for web hosting clients is switching their websites to a new web hosting provider. To over come this problem, Web Hostech offers a FREE website transfer to all the customers who want to leave their existing web hosting provider and switch to our servers.

Step # 1: Sign Up with Web Hostech
Get your hosting activated within minutes by signing up for our service for as low as $2.95/month.

Step # 2: Provide Details of Your Website
After registering and logging in to your account, the next step is to provide the details of your existing web hosting.

Step # 3: Relax and Leave the Rest to Us!
Our team of experts will manage the rest of the migration process for you.

Complete Details of Website Migration

Step # 1: Setting Up Your New Account

 Web Hostech offers one of the top web hosting service for as low as $2.95/month with an entirely featured hosting account. Our easy-to-fill order form and on-screen instructions will make the whole process much easier for you.

 After signing up with your new account, the company will send you a welcome e-mail with all the information about our services which might help you in future.

Note: Your website will not automatically get transferred after signing up. Therefore, you must not worry if your website gets offline. It is a necessary step before you get started.

Step # 2: Getting Reading for Migration

 Once your account with Web Hostech gets activated, you can avail our FREE website transfer service by simply submitting a request for migration from Account Manager. Firstly, enter Account Manager and click on Support. Then, click on Migration Request Form and follow the instructions to finish the process.

After receiving your request, our expert team will start working on transferring your website. From here, everything related to your website transfer will be handled by our site migration team.

During the migration process, we will ask you to change the DNS on your domain name to our server’s name. It normally takes one or two days to take effect. The complete migration process can take as little as 1 hour to as much as 48 hours depending on the size of account that is being moved. During the whole process, our team will be in contact with you to make sure that the process is being carried aptly without any complications.

Step # 3: Testing and Confirmation

 After the completion of transfer process, our team will notify and ask you to cross check if everything is working perfect at your end. By this point, if you have changed the DNS correctly and waited upto 48 hours, everything should be working appropriately.

Step # 4: Cancellation of Old Hosting Account

We suggest our clients to keep their old hosting account active for 7 days at least. In this way, it would be easier for us to resolve any problem, if occurs, during the transfer process. After confirming that everything is working fine and perfect, you can cancel your previous hosting account. Make sure that you do not cancel your domain registration.

Step # 5: Transferring Domain Name (Optional)

Besides website transfer, Web Hostech also offers FREE domain transfer. After your website is transferred, you can also avail the service of domain name transfer from your current registrar to Web Hostech.

That’s all to transferring your website from your current hosting provider to Web Hostech. We have taken all the stress out of it by making the whole process FREE of charge. Should you have any questions or confusions, you must contact us right away at our number or by live chat button.

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