Top 5 Important Ways To Make Your WordPress Website Protected | Web HosTech

Top 5 Important Ways To Make Your WordPress Website Protected | Web HosTech

When you have established your WordPress website, this is time to think about security due to the target of hackers. To learn how to secure your WordPress website from the hackers, we have collected few steps you can take to ensure the security of your website.

1-Update Latest Version

Every year WordPress is updated, offering bug fixes & security patches. You have to make sure that this feature turned on your site. Use additional bonus of automatic update is your theme will always be on the fastest, latest version which adds extra layer of the security.

2-Secure Passwords& Permissions

 Learning how to make your website secure wordpress web hosting form hackers using a strong password, you can avoid this situation.  A strong password contains a set of random set of upper, lowercase letters, number, symbols and is at least 12 characters in length. You must change this password every 30 days.

One mistake is often make by victims of hacking is that they use easy to remember passwords of their accounts & often use the same password for several accounts. By doing this you are making it much easier for hacker to access password of your every account.

3-Don’t Use “Admin” For Username

Most of the hackers will access that your admin username is “admin”. It will easy to get password by using brute force your admin username. If you choose username carefully, that will protect your website immediately. And you can take help from Web HosTech, a Worpress web hosting company.

4-Adjustment the WP Table Prefix

When you install WordPress, Wp is one of the important security measure to avoid your blogs from getting hacked. Use WordPress key generator to generate the key & change the prefix so that it become more difficult to run SQL injection queries & other attacks.

 If you want to make your WordPress website secures from hackers, you will ensure that your WordPress site is always up to date along with new software releases.

  5-Back Up Your Website Often

When your website is going compromised by hackers, the backing up your website is fantastic insurance. The weekly or even daily backups your website make sure that a quick route to recovery if you are hacked. You don’t worry about losing your website data because our WordPress maintenance provides daily website backups.

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