Web Hostech provides web hosting to its clients globally, and we have a responsibility to protect each client and to provide the best possible services.

Terms and Conditions

 This policy shall reflect in its totality the Terms and Conditions of Web Hostech and shall supersede all other written or oral policies. This policy specifies the terms of service that all our customers consent to when signing up for any of the hosting services on the Web Hostech website. Web Hostech retains the exclusive right, with or without written notice to our clients, to alter, update or modify any component of this policy at any time.

Backup and Data Loss

In terms of Data Loss, Web Hostech will only be responsible for server disaster backups. If a customer has lost their data due to non-payment or any mistake on their own, the company will charge additional amount for providing backup of the lost data. If you want to purchase backup facility, email us at backup@webhostech.com.

Customers are advised to obtain their backup form their respective control panels on monthly/weekly basis and save it in their Laptops, PC or flash drives.


This is our duty of the Web Hostech, clients have idea to know when their account  come to the renewal & their intension is to non-renew their account, they should fill out the Web Hostech cancellation form within 5 business days prior to their account’s renewal date to ensure that the billing depart to the renewal date of their account, informing them that their renewal date is coming, this is clients reasonability to make sure that Web Hostech has a valid email address for which notices can be sent to Web Hostech clients. If we do not get a cancellation request prior to the client’s renewal, Web Hostech will renew the customer’ account 24 hours prior to the renewal date, & will apply charges according to the need of clients.

The renewal date is billed according to the fee structure as the plan that the customers signed up. When insufficient funds to charge such amount, you agree to permit Web Hostech to place your account according to the recurring payment plan.  We will provide a partial term quantity without an interruption in service & to protect against accidental loss of intellectual property for example but not limited to, website data, domain registration, etc. The 30-day money back guarantee applies only to the start date of the customer’ service with Web Hostech, and does not apply to renewals of service. The promotional price is for the 1st time only and renews at the regular rate.

Free Domain

There are certain conditions that apply on Free Domain service. Firstly, the free domain offer for .com is only one time. Secondly, all customized packages above the price of $30 will be free; however, the packages below the price of $30 or 5000 pkr will be charged for renewals of domain or Transfer.

Refund Eligibility

If you signed up for our services for the first time and didn’t find it satisfying as per your need, we will refund your money after 30 days. However, after cancellation, if you wished to register another account and asked for refund again, the company will not entertain it. Violations of our refund policy is strictly monitored by our team. If found, the company will waive your rights for refund as per the agreement. Any third party cost will not be refunded i.e. Domain registration fee, dedicated SSL.

Prohibited Users: –

  1. Commercial emails which are unsolicited are not authorized. At Web Hostech we don’t authorize the mailing list over 100 users and you are not allowed to send email over 100 recipients. However, in order to run any massive campaign of this mass you may contact our support team that will help you out. Moreover, if you send an email to less than 100 recipients it will still be considered as SPAM email only if it causes us to receive a large number of complaints, affects our network, or causes other Internet providers to take adverse action against us. Please familiarize yourself with the “CAN-SPAM Act” and make sure that any commercial email you send conforms with it. Even if an email is “CAN-SPAM compliant,” our AUP may nonetheless restrict it. If you suspect one of our customers is spamming, please send an email to support@webhostech.com with the subject line mentioned as SPAM complain.
  2. Certain types of content are not permitted. Any content transmitted or accessed through our network is your responsibility. Any information, data, or prohibited material both religiously or in any other way that is sent, in contravention of any applicable law or regulation is not allowed. In short our services may not be used in any other unlawful act that violates the regulations proposed by the governing authorities.
  3. Any content based on Gender discrimination, Religion, slangs, any threat to others, any violation of any race, hate, source code that effects functionality of other programs are not allowed.
  4. Web Hostech storage will not be allocated for the storage of clients files it will be solely dedicated as website file pages.
  5. Client are not allowed to resale the purchase hosting to outsource for any other business not mentioned in the sign contract
  6. Adult materials such as porn of any sort, or explicit videos sharing is not allowed
  7. Copy righted materials in terms of music, games, software serial numbers, torrents, business trademarks links sharing on their domain is also not allowed and against the violation of contract.

It is to inform for information that Web Hostech does not monitor any content on client servers however in case of suspicion or violation of above activities or any other reported content as mentioned above will go through with the process of scrutiny and investigation.

  • Web Hostech network is designed as per customer/clients requirement. So any breach in terms of our policies that may incur in jeopardy of the equipment or Network may lead to suspension of service under explanation
  1. Web Hostech reserves the rights to monitor the network only for statistical analysis just to improve the services performance. Rest assured that there will be no violation in the privacy of client in any way

Payment Obligations: –

Payments must be made in full in order to receive the services. Our system will send you bills on the specified pay period. After then, the consumer will have 15 days to pay off their dues completely. In the event that a payment is not made, the account will be suspended, and you will be notified by system alerts sent to your registered email address. The consumer, on the other hand, is ultimately accountable for the renewal dates and full payment. Any subsequent delay shall result in the cessation of services, as stated in the preceding clause.

We accept payment in USD dollars $ which is default payment. Invoices that are generated are also in USD$. So exchange rate of currency may apply at the time of payment.

Late payment

The customer must keep track of the monthly/yearly payments for domain renewals. Failure in payment within due date will result in domain expiry. The customer will then have to pay the penalty to renew the domain again.

Who Owns Your Domain, If Web Hostech Registers it?

The customer on who registers a domain name on his name is the sole owner of it. Web Hostech will only provide the domain name and it will be registered or transferred as per the client’s wish. The company, by default, stores all the contact information used by the customer while opening the hosting account, in WHOIS Database.

If you want your registration information private, we offer ID Protect WHOIS privacy service for $9.95/year.

Keeping Backups and Mail

It is not permissible to utilize a hosting account as a backup system or to host emails like archived mail. Mails larger than (10) gigabytes in size or older than 30 days are classified as archived mail. We provide services for active websites. In the event of any agreement violation or otherwise, Web Hostech reserves the right to erase archive from a client hosting account or to suspend access.

What do you mean by “Unlimited Bandwidth and Disk Space”

In plans marked “Unlimited,” web Hostech do not impose any restrictions on the amount of disc space or bandwidth (data transmission) that we offer. Web Hostech wants you to have the tools at your disposal to create a strong online profile.
Although we want you to thrive, we also need to make sure that we’re giving all of our clients the best services possible. As a result, we do demand that all of our clients completely abide by our Excessive Resource User Policy/Terms of Service and use the disc space and bandwidth necessary for a personal or small business website to function normally.
If a customer’s hosting account is discovered to have broken the excessive resource user or client content policy excessive resource use policy and/or is storing files for archival reasons, the contents will be removed, and while we try our best to notify customers in advance, it is possible that this could happen without warning.
Overuse of Resources Policy
Disk capacity, bandwidth, and/or computing resource usage (cpu, memory, disc i/o, number of files/inodes) are all examples of resources. Because web Hostech provides shared hosting services where users may share resources with other users, it is crucial that web Hostech manage any excessive utilisation by users to prevent it from impairing the quality of service for other users who are using the same resources. When a hosting account uses all of the allotted resources on the subscribed hosting plan and/or subscribed scalable resource add-on(s) known as “Computing Resources,” “Resources,” or “Resource Usage,” it is deemed to be using “Excessive amounts of resources

No Spam

We do not tolerate spam arising from a server based on our network or affiliated with a Web Hostech server. This involves any e-mail that promotes websites hosted on a Web Hostech network server but sent from an e-mail address that is not connected to that Web Hostech account. We do not allow our clients to utilize our services for junk mails, chain letters, bulk emails, or any other type of distribution lists to any one who is not part of our network. If such activity is noted, company reserves the right to deactivate or permanently terminate the account.

Excessive Exploits

We permit third party scripts to be installed manually or through our automatic installer on our client’s account. However, the clients are obliged to maintain the script versions, exploit free. If a client uploads any script on our servers that contains security lapse and makes the client’s site vulnerable to hack/exploit by third party, the client is duty-bound to remove it. In other case, Web Hostech reserves the right terminate the client’s web hosting account.

99.9% Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Web Hostech offers a guarantee of 99.9% network uptime to its clients to ensure that their business is running smooth and without any hinderance. However, we are not responsible for any downtime caused due to client’s fault.