Basic Steps To Launch A Website For Online Business


Table of Contents

It’s not too hard to start an online business, You just need a website to start an online business So, you have to know the following five vital steps that will help you steer your way to success.

Choose Domain:

Choosing the right domain name is of paramount importance since it can impact your sales velocity, brand image, and the perception of your audience, therefore, opting for a trusted domain registrar like web hostech to do this job will save you from fraud.

Choose Hosting Package:

Choosing the right package that tailors to your needs and is light on your pocket can make a big difference, provided that there are a plethora of packages on web hostech for different needs and demands of websites.

Connect Server:

After choosing the correct domain name and the package, the third step is to host your website on a server, although if you have purchased a domain name from a third-party, web hostech can serve it to its customers with a high level of security.

Point Server DNS:

Once you have bought your web hosting, you’ll need to update your DNS to get your website up and running, provided that it is an easy but necessary step for you to take while it only takes 4-8 hours for web hostech to resolve your DNS.

Upload Website Data:

The last step is to upload your website by connecting to the server provided to you in step 03 using third-party tools like FTP clients or File Manager by cPanel, shortly your website will go live.