Difference Between Web Hosting and Domain Name – 2021

Difference Between Web Hosting and Domain Name – 2021

Our readers often inquire about the difference between web hosting and domain name since many of them don’t know that these two are entirely different. Hence, we have decided to explain the difference in this post

What is Domain Name and Web Hosting?

In its definition, domain name is the address of website that users type in browser’s URL/address bar when they open any website.

Since internet works on system of different IP addresses connected to each other, domain names were invented so that users don’t need to remember a whole string of numbers (IP address). Instead, the users can type a domain name to open a website, for example Web Hostech, which is also easy to remember.

Whereas web hosting is the place where your website’s files reside. When a user opens your website’s name. It is translated into the IP address of your web hosting provider. In this way, these files are sent back to the browser of users.  

Relation Between Web Hosting and Domain Name

Web hosting and domain name, though entirely different, work together to make websites up and running.

Behind every domain name, there’s an address of web hosting provider which stores your website’s files. It can be available in Pakistan. Without domain name, a website can never be found and without web hosting a website can’t be built.

Why do you Need Web Hosting?

We are often asked questions such as why do I need web hosting? To which we simply answer, to build your website.

Web hosting is required to store the files of your website. After getting hosting, you must update the setting of your domain name and point them your web hosting provider. Once a user has purchased web hosting and registered their domain name, they can proceed to building their website.

It is your wish to buy these both services from one company or separate companies. However, to manage the things easily, it is recommended to purchase both services from single company.

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