Does Webhostech Offer a Grace Period?

Does Webhostech Offer a Grace Period?

Clients are obliged to pay their dues by the due date mentioned in invoice. If, by any means, the client fails to pay the dues after the due date, the company reserves the right to suspend the account automatically and a late fee will be added to the overdue invoice. The client will get a four days to update the payment in order to avoid possible termination of services.

However, we understand that sometimes the clients may face certain situations beyond their control which may demand a grace period to make their payment. If you find yourself in such conditions, you must contact our billing department before the due date to avoid late fees and interruption/termination of the service.

If the company suspends your account due to failure in payment, you can get your account back within 15 minutes after you pay the dues in full. Besides Webhostech, your account is your responsibility too. Thus, you should notify us after you get your account back or, in rare cases, if it is still suspended after the payment.

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