How to Set up Email Accounts in Microsoft Outlook

How to Set up Email Accounts in Microsoft Outlook

Often, it will be necessary to review your account settings in Outlook 2010. This step-by-step tutorial will show you how to access the account settings for the Outlook 2010 email will first need to open Outlook 2010:



Click Next



Select POP or IMAP and Click Next

In the settings page for the account, you will enter “Incoming” and “Outgoing” mail servers. These are provided by your Hosting provider. In most cases, they will be formatted like



Putt the User information accordingly your domain and Click on More Settings



You have to “Click First Button” for (SMTP)


Click on Ok and then Click on Next for Completing the settings



If you want to use with SSL, Please make sure first your Internet services provider allowing you these ports:



IF you want to setup with IMAP Then:


You have to choose IMAP from Account Type and same Click to Next and every step will be same just below ports will be different:



With SSL You have to choose below ports as mentioned in given below screenshot:



Outlook will then be set up to send and receive messages from your computer.


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