How to Check Out the Owner of Domain


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When you want to create the website, you have to register your own domain name; however, there is very high chance that ‘someone else already owns it.  You have to identity who is owner of the domain name.

 In many cases people purchase domain names without using them and reason that people sell it at a higher price. So, you have to learn own of the domain. There are plenty of ways to help you out. Let’s keep find out under below ways.

You can find the owner of the domain or website and contact that person to see if they’re willing to sell you the domain.

 What Is Importance of the Domain Name

 There are plenty of the domain name are available but they are not created equally and only small number of them is actually profitable.

 You can examine that your domain name reflect your business.  This makes your business look professional & adds credibility to your name. Picking a domain name that is better representing your brand.

Finding a Domain Name

Finding the owner is very simple and easy, there are multiple tools that are permit you to check out the domain owner free of cost.

 During the process of owning a domain name, the owner must give contact information. This information can be looked up by anyone. However, this is vital to recognize that there are lots of the ways to keep your information private.

 The one of the common tool is used the ICANN lookup tool, you can use it free of cost and extremely effective.  For the use of this tool, just simple enter the URL in to the search box on the “Lookup” button.

 The tool will provide the following information

1.            Domain Information

2.            Contact Information

3.            Registrar Information

4.            DNSECC Information

5.            Authoritative Servers

The most important information you can get from the information section.  In this information include are owner or business name, phone number, and email address.

 Through this way you can easily get lots of information about the owner and easily make a contact.

Once you found The Domain Owner, What Do I Do?

After finding out who is the owner of the domain then you need to communicate on the selling condition point of view. The good thing is that you can hire someone to do communicate for you and it can actually save a quite a bit for you.

For instance, for handle domain appraisal, broker services, and transfers. You can use the Sedo. If you have the abilities as a good negotiator, you might handle it yourself.

How to Convey the Right Message

If you are going to handle everything by your hand, you have to send message with the professional and into very serious way to purchase a domain. Always keep remember that your first impression is always last impression.

 You make sure that your sound is very serious because the average is often using to getting the spam emails and this makes doubt the majority offers when someone receive.

For getting the authentic feeling, you have to send the email by the address name of the owner. Always keep try to avoid email template because it seem like a robot and automatic email pattern.

You have to include your personal information into the very serious way in which includes phone number, email, and something.

The thing which is very important is that don’t include any offers into the initial email. Just simple explain that you are interested to buy domain because there are many times they are offer you domain to purchase into the low price. So, always try to keep your patient.

What If I Don’t See Their Contact Information?

Remember that, if you don’t find any contact no of the owner of domain, this is sign that they don’t want to sell their domain alternatively, they can use a proxy.

Moreover, you can use contact information listed on the website to start conversation with them.  The thing which always Keep in mind that not everyone is will to sell their domain. If this is the case, you are unfortunately out of luck.

Alternative Registration Lookup Tools

 There are plenty of the tools are available online for  checking the information the ICANN lookup tool is not your only choice. Here are some alternative tools that can help you explore that who owns of the domain.

Who Is Tool

Who Is is a one of the great alternative tool that is completely free to use.  This will help to show you all of the relevant information related to the URL you have entered.

Ultra Tool

Ultra Tools provides the same features just like Who Is & this is totally free to use. Just enter the URL & pull up all of the associated records.

Just For the Beginning

Check out who is the owner of the domain name & obtaining this is only the first step in creating a website. You will require selecting a web host, building a website, & creating content for it.

To learn more about creating a website, & get a free domain for one year, check out web Hostech hosting plans and try to get the domain that are easy to remember and good reflects your business look.