How To Start A Blog – A Complete Guide | Web HosTech

How To Start A Blog – A Complete Guide | Web HosTech

There are lots of websites that you can see through the social media, Google search or blogs. Every day many of people creating web presences through blogging for profit or fun. With the help of this guide, it is very easier to start a professional blog.

I am internet market expert and web hosting professional since 2001. I have created this step by step guide to help individuals & small businesses take advantage to create blog.

In this article, I will explain to you how successful bloggers & webmasters take to start a blog that can be successful for them.

There are three main things which you should consider if you want to become successful blogging: Passion, A Strong Foundation & Access to Knowledgeable People.

1) Register A Domain

If you don’t know with the term, a domain name is an exclusive identifier for a website. This explains the browser where to exactly connect to, just like to a phone number connecting to a specific person. For instant,, & are all domain names.

When you are to choosing a domain name for your blog, you need to keep few things into the mind.

 Blog Name Relevant To Content

Another important thing that you need to keep into the mind, the blog name is relevant to the content that you will be blogging about. For example, you are starting a blog about your fitness; a domain name could be This will fetch the potential visitors what your blog about. You always try to pick creative blog name and you can also use the hyphens (-) in the domain.

Brief And Concise Blog Name

One of the most important things that you keep in mind, you should always choose the blog name as short as possible. If the blog is your personal, try to register by your own name for instance You can always change this or additional blog name in the future.

2) Select Cheap Hosting Package

A web hosting provider, for example Web Hostech, is an Internet service provider that will store your blog content & make it available on the Internet for visitors to access. There are thousands of the web providers, are disappear after providing the web hosting, so, you carefully choose the web provider service.

This is why Web Hostech is the perfect web hosting provider for your blog. We have been in the business since long time ago; we are also greenest web hosting providers on the planet. By hosting with web Hostech, you will get perfect hosting that you will never get from anywhere else.

Web Hostech is one the emerging marketplaces that provide hosting from the $9.95/m. we also provide a special offer for those who are looking to get web hosting service in $2.95 per month. Moreover, you can also get a FREE domain name registration or domain transfer a $28.95 per year value. Our service also comes with an unconditional 30-day money back guarantee.

Web Hostech provides powerful blog web hosting services; here are some of the things you can get from us.

•1-Click Install & Update of WordPress Blogging Software

•Limitless Web Space & Bandwidth Transfer

•Blogging Optimized Web & Database Servers

•Increased Pro-Active Blog Security

•Super-Fast & Reliable Page Loads

•SEO & Marketing Tools

Let’s start to create a blog, in the upcoming step, I will explain to you how to set your bog.

3) Create A WordPress Blog

When you start web hosting, let’s start work on the setting of the blog. You may hear about the tool of the blog called CMS WordPress, this tool is also called the foundation of the blog. The WordPress is content manage system that is used for long time into the worldwide. This is completely free to install and you can easily to install on our hosting platform and you can also get help our technical support team to install your WordPress blog. 

4) Use WordPress Theme

After install the WordPress blog, you have to submit your blog with the access of the WordPress themes with several tools. You have to submit a blog that is very unique and

If you need help, our experience team always support to you. You can just simple call and email us. I have created team that provides you special support to ensure that you have everything you need and ensure you that you are successful online. You are never alone. Let’s start from today.

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