Top Reasons To Leave Cheap Web Hosting Forever

Top Reasons To Leave Cheap Web Hosting Forever

Now a days, every want to choose the right hosting for its website and want to make online business  with the right  hosting provider.  With the quick Google search you can find broad list of cheap hosting provider. However, everything that is cheap is not wonderful; sometimes it might not provide you to be worth it in the long run.

In this article, I will give a detailed account on why cheap web hosting is expensive? What are main causes & effects of hosting your website on a cheap host? I will also love to give some useful recommendations about saving your money along with a potential investment on your webhost, guaranteeing a money-rolling business & ease of life.

The main problem is that people do not understand the need of spending on a good host.

Increasing Demand for Cheap Hosting

The online customers are increase and the demand for cheap web hosts has also increased. Now, look into the situation, where you are willing to host your website. You want your company’s website to get more visitors as compared to your competitor. You always want a precisely and website’s quality content and page load speed.

 Nobody wants to lose customers due to slow website. So, no one can compromise on the hosting platform for your website.

 Cheap Host Is a Bad or Good

You should consider if you are called as a guest to someone’s house. The host serves you with a cheap, rotten & dirty food. What will be your reaction then? You would not like the experience you have with your host. You feel not easy and the sense of being insulted with the kind of food served to you. You will have a defiantly bad opinion about your host.

 There are some cases of the website hosting you often feel problems with start of cheap host and you feel that your money is lost. Your efforts went in drain. You get bad experience due to the cheap web hosting.

The cheap host service providers have lots of tactics. But be sharp. The cheap hosting is not effective as you want and the provider may force to get. In this article, I will show few pros & cons of using the cheap web hosting services for introducing your website.

Cheap Prices

Through the cheap price, there is lots of hosting service providers get customers on board. They charge you with the minimum cost with start price at $1.99 (or FREE), they hardly provide you good service at this low price.

We recommend:

  • Never cooperation on quality
  • No need to compromise on speed
  • Check out & compare the prices of competitors

Excellent Bandwidth Space & Data Storage

Cheap hosting service providers use another trick to attract customers to buy their service. They provide adequate disk space to store your data as well as bandwidth space.

We recommend you to:

•Avoid using shared servers

•Select a dedicated server with maximum data storage & bandwidth space

Advantage & Disadvantage Of Hosting

Every products & services have its advantages & disadvantages. So, I love to discuss the positive aspects of the cheap hosting. Now this is right time to highlight the primary cons of hosting your website on a cheap server.

Compromise on Quality

The high Quality service is the core of a successful business. Cheap host service providers give the service into the affordable price. You can manage easily your high traffic website on a cheap server.

One of the good advantages higher the number of websites on cheap server, higher the time your high traffic website will take to load on a shared server. This means that you have compromised on the speed & performance of your website for a cheap web hosting .


We recommend you few things that help you to opt cheap hosting service or not.

•          Don’t compromise on website quality

•          Never compromise on website speed

•          No need to compromise on website performance

Use of Shared Servers

No one likes to share his or her self with any other person. Similarly, you want your website along with the unique features that differentiate your website from your competitor.


All servers go down with the hacked your website. We love to recommend use individual server as compare shared server.

•          Avoid using shared servers

•          Use dedicated servers to host your websites

Avoid Overloaded & Downtime Servers

A good website is one that remains run & accessible at all times. You will always want your website that is not only functional for the control of heavy traffic. The cheap hosting can’t control overloaded traffic.


There are sometimes a single cheap server can’t maintain your website to run into the, we recommend you to

•          Opt for fast, reliable & efficient servers with no downtime.

•          Use dedicated servers

Lacking Customer Support

Customer support is one of the most vital things of every business organization. What if your queries about web hosting problems are not answered instantly? You will get irritated. Same goes true for your customers. They will get upset once their queries are not answered timely.


Cheap hosting service providers can make trouble to addressing clients concerns within adequate time. The issues may range from simple to technical. This lethargic & negligent practice often leads cheap hosting service providers to lose their good customers. We are happy to recommend you to:

  • Look for service providers that guarantee a competent customer support service.
  • No need to trust on cheap hosting service providers
  • check out for service providers, who make sure round-the-clock customer support service

Data Security Concerns

Your identity is important to you. Your data is also important to you as well. How would you think if your website is hacked? What would you feel if your data is stolen? You will uncomfortable if your privacy is breached. This is all happen due to the use of the cheap hosting service.


Cheap hosts might not be capable to provide you with the confidentiality & privacy paradigms that you need to keep your website information intact and secure. We recommend you to:

  • Explore about secured & authenticated hosting service providers
  • Read carefully the terms & conditions written in the agreement of the hosting provider
  • Ask for their backup policy

User Interface

Interactive control panel & user interface (UI) are meant to ease you in managing your website & controlling the numerous real-time metrics that are really vital to the over-all website performance & security.

There are very some cheap hosting service providers which are ready to help you out with your user interface. They will charge an extra amount to make your interface interactive & user friendly.


We recommend you to:

  • Put your bet on one host that guarantees you to give a full-fledge UI & control panel for your website.
  • Ask your host to give free setup & migration

Scalability Features

Cheap hosting has provided a new trick. They said to provide the cloud hosting providers where they claim that they would give with scalable features. In many cases, they are lying.


If they have it, they will present it to you.

We recommend you to:

  • Ask for a 3-day free trial
  • Read terms & conditions of the service provider before signing the contract
  • Check out for a host that gives optimum scalability options to handle your website traffic.

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