Steps to change/Reset Email password on cPanel

Steps to change/Reset Email password on cPanel

Well! It is usual for people to forget their passwords or mix them up with other accounts. However, this presents a problem when a user’s e-commerce site is unable to access the shipping address.

The best solution is cPanel, which allows you to reset passwords and reactivate your account in no time. There are only a few steps to change your password using cPanel.

When should you update your email password, this is the first question that comes to mind. It is not a hard and fast rule to change a password; in fact, you can do so at any time. When a user forgets their password, though, many users just change it. The usage of special characters, large italics, and numeracy has simply changed the memory dynamics on many platforms to improve security. So, if people haven’t saved it in a record or on sticky notes, you’ll need to alter it 99 percent of the time to gain access.

Another cause could be that your account has been hacked. Hackers are assaulting your account these days in order to gain special rights, such as money from you for account recovery, or for some other motive best known to them. This could result in the domain being blacklisted by services like Spamhaus, preventing any email from being sent. Malfeasance on an account might have substantial financial ramifications for the user and require litigation.

So now that we have understood the significance to change the password, let us go through the steps involved

Step :1

Go to the Email area of the cPanel dashboard and click “Email Accounts.”

Step: 2

Click the “Manage” button next to the address you want to update.

Step: 3

Fill in the “New Password” area on the next page with your new password.

Passwords should be complex and difficult to guess. In this case, you can also utilize a password generator. It’s simple to use and build a complex password that’s similar to Morse code.

Step: 4

Scroll down and select “Update Email Settings” from the drop-down menu. The modifications are committed once you click the button. Your email account has been updated with a new password.

Account passwords are no longer a laughing matter. Always keep in mind that the world has been digitized, and your financial information is stored online, therefore changing passwords on a regular basis is always a good idea in order to adopt a safe approach

Someone having access to crucial and personal information about yourself or your company is the last thing you want

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