How to take website backup from cpanel manually

How to take website backup from cpanel manually

How Do I Create a Backup of My Website?

The backup tool provided by cPanel is very resource intensive, and we found that it often had a negative impact on other customers due to high I/O usage during the compression of files. The cPanel backup tool was disabled to maintain our high standards for service and reliability.
Web Hostech performs nightly backups that are retained for 24 hours. The backups are intended for disaster recovery purposes, in the event of file system failure or other data loss. Since our backups are not available for use in your everyday backup needs, it is your responsibility to maintain up-to-date backups of your website files, databases, and email.

How Can I Back up My Website?

If you’re running a content management system, such as Drupal, WordPress or any web site that runs a database, you’ll have to back up the database as well as the website files. If you’re running a simple website, you’ll just back up the website files.

Step 1: Backing up Website Files

Step 2: Backing up Databases

In the “DATABASES” section, click the “phpMyAdmin” link or icon.

Click the name of the database you want to download.

Click the “Export” tab.

For most common applications, such as preparing a backup that will also be imported using phpMyAdmin, the default settings are sufficient, click the “Go” button to start the backup.
To select only specific tables, or to export the database structure, etc., select “Custom” and click the “Go” button to access the advanced options screen.

The backup will downloaded to your computer as a .sql file.

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