Use Softaculous to Install WordPress

Use Softaculous to Install WordPress

You can get started with WordPress quickly and easily using the Softaculous one-click installer located in Web Hostech’s cPanel area.

This article assumes that you have already transferred your domain name to your Web Hostech account and are ready to install WordPress.

Log in to Web Hostech. You will see a blue “Login to cPanel” button located at your left. Click it to go to the cPanel section of your hosting account.

If you still have any confusion then please visit to Login to cPanel via Webhostech

After logging into cPanel, scroll all the way to Softaculous Apps Installer and click on WordPress.

You will be redirected to the one-click installer that Softaculous provides for installing WordPress. Click the “Install Now” button to start the installation.

Now, Softaculous permits you to choose your preferred WordPress version, installation URL, and other description settings along with site name.

Fill in the rest of the settings to match how your site is configured. When you’re ready, click the “Quick Install” button at the top of the page.

Note: We can email all installation details if you fill in the “Email installation details to” field.

Installation will only take a few seconds. You can view the installation process at any time.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our support team and we will be always there to help.

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