What to do when your Domain has expired?


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After the domain name expires, it enters a 3-step grace period (RGP). During Redemption Grace Period, you can update your domain name before removing it and remarketing it.



Domain names can be renewed within approximately 29 days* of expiration at standard rates. To renew your domain name during this period, please contact our billing department or create a ticket. Once you pay the renewal fee, your domain name will be active again. You can experiment with DNS propagation times from 1 to 48 hours.



After the expiration date, the domain name usually enters in a grace period of 30 days. Once a domain enters the recovery period, the website and email will cease to function as the domain is managed by ICANN/Enom and removed from the zone files. During the recovery period, Web Hostech lost all control over the domain name. The domain name renewal fee during this period will be $175 in addition to the domain renewal fee.
When a domain name expires, the website may display an announcement page hosted by ICANN/Enom. Web Hostech has no control over this page and cannot change it. You can also extend the expiration date of your domain name. This does not mean the domain is active. Name servers can be changed to dns1.name-services.com, dns2.name-services.com, etc.


Domain Redemption Grace Period (Auction)

After a recovery period of approximately 30 days, the domain name will be deleted. After deletion, you can register the domain name at the normal rate. However, the domain name may be auctioned off during the redemption period and will not be re-register-able if sold. Additionally, many companies that buy domain names use automated systems that make it difficult for the original owner to recover an expired domain name.
We strongly recommend you to pay for the recovery period if you want to keep your expired domain name. We know that cancellation costs are high, but the company that bought your expired domain name may charge you more than what you paid to sell the domain name. Our advice is simply to help you reserve a domain name.